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Name:Okami Amaterasu
Birthdate:Jan 12
Location:United States of America
[OOC Information]

Name: Lynx
Age: 28
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What characters do you already play here, if any? Eraqus
How did you hear about the game? From the mod who made it!

[IC Information]

Character Name: Amaterasu
Series: Okami
Gender: Female, although many seem to refer to her gender as ambiguous.
Age: Unknown, but since she's a god, she's hundreds; possibly thousands of years old. We see a lifespan of at least 200 years in her canon.
Species: God in the form of a white wolf.

Appearance: To most mortals, Amaterasu (or 'Ammy' for short), appears in the form of a simple white wolf, with a bit of a black tip on her tail. She's lean and perhaps even a bit small for a wolf, but otherwise has a typical calm wolfy look to her.

Those who can see her divinity, however, will notice far more. She also has red markings across her sides and on her face, generally in the form of swirls and a large sun symbol between her eyes. Her fur also wraps up into cloudlike extensions on her paws, shoulders and tail. She also has a divine instrument, usually a reflector wreathed in flame, floating above her back. She can also carry rosaries around her neck, and a sword (usually called a glaive) on her back. Those who can see her divinity are usually just fellow gods and goddesses, demons, those strongly attuned to the divine, or very young children who believe in gods and magic.

When she runs and jumps, a trail of flowers follows all her footsteps, and leaves and flowers follow her jumping movements.

Personality: As the god of the sun and the mother to all other gods, Amaterasu is benevolent, kind and cares deeply about all natural life and the people who live in Nippon. She is not above involving herself in the smallest of matters in the mortal world, whether it be feeding small animals, causing flowers to grow or helping some human with a modest goal achieve their dreams. She is patient, even patient to the point of waiting hundreds of years for a prophecy to be fulfilled. However, she has no patience for demons or other evil beings who would seek to spread darkness in her world…when confronted with obvious evil, she will not hesitate to attack and destroy it.

While Ammy will be patient if someone tells her of something she must do in the future, she can also get easily bored. If you begin talking to her in some long-winded speech full of exposition, she may just decide to take a nap until you finish talking. Or, if she's feeling a bit lazy, she may just take a nap even if your talk is short. She is a wolf after all, and like all doggies likes to laze in the sun!

Since she is also a god of the sun and creating life, she feels happiest around nature, and is a little confused or skeptical about the machines humans build. However, she ultimately cares more about the humans themselves than the strange machines they make. Ammy is also not without a sense of humor, as many of the people she meets are often quite funny. She enjoys a good competition, especially racing, and loves to prove her speed against good and evil beings alike.

Without a celestial envoy following her and explaining some of her thoughts, it can sometimes be difficult to tell what she's thinking. However, even without speaking, it may be easy to tell that she has a bit of a sarcastic streak. Without her envoy around, she will mostly communicate through her facial expressions, barks, and occasionally drawing.

Abilities: As a wolf, Amaterasu already has some useful skills…she is an incredibly fast runner and jumper, and can attack with her fangs if deprived of everything else. But since Amaterasu is also a god and all, she has a vast range of powers both in battle and to alter reality itself.

When fighting, she may use her divine instrument: usually, a massive, flaming mirror called a reflector. She can use the reflector both as an offensive weapon and a shield. She can also periodically switch it out for her other weapons: a glaive (basically a giant sword, which is powerful but heavier and takes longer to use) and a rosary (a string of beads around her neck that she uses like a whip.) She'll generally default to her reflector, though. Her divine instruments can be used at any time, since they are always hovering over her back.

Her most powerful abilities are her celestial brushes. She has thirteen total, for all of the gods in the zodiac. When using a celestial brush, Ammy will temporarily "pause" reality and turn it into her canvas, paint on it (presumably with her tail) and then resume the flow of time. On the outside, no one will notice this change or pause…they will just suddenly see the effects of her art appear as if out of nowhere. Her brushes are as follows:

Sunrise – Her most basic ability; this gives Ammy control over the sun. She can draw the sun in the sky to turn night into day.

Rejuvenation – The ability to restore objects that are broken or missing. This doesn't work on people; but only on inanimate objects, and generally only man-made ones.

Power Slash – This brush functions as a sword, as she uses her brush stroke to slice an object in half. On enemies or objects, this will cut them completely in half. If someone is firing a projectile at her, whether it's a dagger, arrow, bullet or cannonball, she can use power slash to reverse the projectile and throw it back at her attacker. When used on friends, it is not so deadly…she typically uses it to get someone's attention. Power slash on a friend will instead feel like someone's slapped them hard upside the head. In its most powerful permutations, Ammy can use Power Slash to cut through iron and diamond.

Cherry Bomb – Pretty much what it says on the tin: Ammy creates a cherry bomb out of thin air that explodes into fire and confetti. This can be used on enemies, or to blow up unstable areas in architecture. In its most powerful permutation, she can create three cherry bombs at once.

Greensprout – This brush encompasses multiple abilities that all revolve around the growth of plant life. She can create trees from nowhere, or make dead trees and flowers bloom again. She can also create lilypads big enough for her to stand on and hop across expanses of water. Finally, she can create a vine that acts as a kind of "hookshot," pulling her up to high places. Her vine ability will only work if she connects it to a large flower, though, or a hook that's big enough for her to snag it on.

Waterspout – This brush gives Ammy power over water. In its basic form, she can use it to redirect the flow of water or create fountains. In its most powerful permutations, she can make it rain or use it to teleport between still pools of water.

Galestorm – This brush allows Ammy to create strong gusts of wind. These can be used to blow away enemies, or things like fire or clouds of poison. In its most powerful permutation, she can use it to create a tornado around herself.

Inferno – This brush gives Ammy power over fire. In its basic form, she can redirect from a source of fire. In its most powerful form, she can use it to create a ball of fire.

Crescent – The counterpart to Sunrise; this brush gives Ammy power over the moon. She can draw it in the sky to change day into night.

Veil of Mist – This brush gives Ammy power over time, allowing her to slow down time for no more than five seconds. During this slowdown, everything else around her in a radius of about twenty feet moves in slow-motion while she moves normally. In its most powerful form, this also gives her the ability to teleport between certain mirrors.

Catwalk – By drawing a cat's paws up a wall, this brush gives Ammy the ability to walk on walls. It won't work on ceilings, however.

Thunderstorm – This brush gives Ammy power over thunder. In its basic form, it allows her to redirect lightning from a lightning source – either lightning in the sky, or an object that's been electrified. In its most powerful permutation, it allows her to create a thunderbolt that strikes the ground or an enemy.

Blizzard – This brush gives Ammy power over ice. In its basic form, it allows her to freeze something as long as she redirects from a source of ice, or something else that's already been frozen. In its most powerful permutation, it allows her to create an ice storm.

Out of all these brushes, she will find her Sunrise and Crescent ones to be unusuable, since those control day and night.

Items: (If your character brought any items with them from their world, please list them. Please keep in mind that characters will have only what was on their person when they fell asleep.)

Ammy will bring her reflector, glaive and rosary, which are divine objects that she keeps on her person at all times. She'll also have some yen on her, although that won't do her much good here.

History: Amaterasu started her life up on the Celestial Plain, the land of the gods, where she controlled the sun and watched over the land of Nippon from above. That is, until one fateful day, when the enormous eight-headed demon Orochi attacked the Celestial Plain. Amaterasu tried to battle him with the help of Waka, a prophet from the Moon Tribe, but eventually both Ammy and Orochi fell to earth. The celestials, angelic-like people who lived in the Celestial Plain, tried to escape the demon's takeover in the Ark of Yamato, a massive rescue boat built by the Moon Tribe. However, the ark turned out to be full of demons. All the celestials were slain, and the ark crashed to earth, releasing the demons throughout Nippon.

Ammy was forced to live out her life in the mortal world, where Orochi also took up residence in the Moon Cave, a perilous place close to the tiny village of Kamiki. Orochi demanded sacrifices every year from the village in the form of beautiful maidens, which he would devour. Waka told Ammy that she could not defeat Orochi without the help of the chosen mortal, Nagi. Ammy waited patiently for nearly a hundred years, roaming around Kamiki Village and watching for Nagi to be born. Since she began prowling around the village every year around the cursed festival and the time of the sacrifice, the villagers took her to be a familiar of Orochi scouting out his next victim, and called her Shiranui. Despite being scorned and driven away by the villagers, she still remained. Finally, on the year of Orochi's 100th sacrifice, the warrior Nagi went to the Moon Cave to save his beloved, Nami. Ammy went with him, and helped him to battle the demon Orochi when Nagi was nearly defeated. The two managed to defeat Orochi and seal him away with Nagi's fabled sword, but in the process, Ammy was so terribly wounded that she died in Nagi's arms. The villagers erected a statue in her honor, and her spirit inhabited the statue.

100 years later, Nagi's descendant, Susano, decided to see if the legend behind his ancestor was real. He removed the fabled sword sealing Orochi, which then released the demon. Orochi released such terrible darkness that it cursed nearly the entire world. The depth of evil was so great that Sakuya, the tree spirit that guarded Kamiki Village and much of Nippon, returned Ammy's divine instrument to her and awoke her from her long slumber. Shiranui had now been reborn, but with her powers severely reduced from before. She had lost all of her brush powers except for her original power; the ability to raise the sun. The rest of her brush abilities were scattered about in the form of 12 different gods, trapped throughout the world. Ammy gained a new companion in the form of Issun, a tiny poncle with a raunchy mind and a tendency to jump to conclusions. Together, the two set out to find Ammy's remaining brush powers and restore the world to its original brilliance.

Ammy and Issun traveled all over Nippon, freeing lands from Orochi's curse and discovering new brush powers from the 12 gods. Along the way, they often ran into Waka, who tested Ammy's strength and frequently threw out obscure prophecies, much to Issun's annoyance. In the middle of this process, however, the full moon festival came around again, and Orochi again demanded a sacrifice from Kamiki Village. Replaying the ancient legend of Nagi and Shiranui, Susano went to the moon cave with Ammy to battle the serpent. They managed to defeat it together, and save Kushi from being Orochi's next victim. However, Orochi's evil was not finished off yet…it traveled off in great clouds of darkness to infect other parts of Nippon.

While Ammy and Issun stopped for a brief moment to enjoy the festival at Kamiki, they couldn't rest for long. Things got even more complicated as they saved Sei-An City from a plague caused by a sick emperor, explored a sunken ship full of ghosts, visited the underwater kingdom of the Dragonians, calmed the raging Water Dragon, tried and failed to save the Beautiful Queen Himiko from the wrath of the demon king Ninetails, and finally defeated Ninetails in his stronghold on Oni Island. Their journey finally led them to the frozen wastes of Kamui, where they got involved with Oki and his problems with the Oina tribe. Their efforts to save the Oina tribe led them to traveling back in time 100 years, where Ammy met her past self as Shiranui, and helped Nagi to defeat Orochi in his prime. They then traveled back to the present, defeated the twin demons of Wawku Shrine, and saved the Oina tribe from freezing to death. In her journey, Ammy finally found all of her lost brush powers. However, the process then revealed to them the sunken Ark of Yamato, buried in ice just below the Wawku Shrine. The ice wall shattered, and the ark was restored. Ammy knew that she would have to board the ark and return to the Celestial Plain in order to truly bring peace to the land. It was here that Issun and she parted ways, as Issun was unable to board the ark to the heavens. Ammy was heartbroken to leave her longtime friend behind.

Inside the ark, Ammy discovered Waka battling Yami, the ultimate ruler of darkness. Waka revealed that it was he that was responsible for the deaths of all the celestials and the release of the demons in Nippon, as it was he that had brought the Ark of Yamato to the Celestial Plain. But despite his terrible actions, Ammy had still believed in him. After this revelation, Waka was attacked by Yami and thrown into the darkness, and ALL of Ammy's brush powers were stolen from her. Ammy fought a long battle against Yami, slowly winning back all of her brush powers. However, just when it seemed that Yami was defeated, he returned back to life and crushed Ammy, destroying all of her brushes and stealing her godhood from her.

It seemed as if Ammy was defeated her good. However, while she had been fighting Ammy, Issun had followed his true calling of a celestial envoy, spreading his art of Amaterasu all throughout Nippon. All the many people that Ammy had met throughout her journey came to realize that she was really a god, and prayed to her with all their faith. Ammy heard their multitude of prayers, and their faith powered her as never before: she was restored to her full godhood, with all of her brush powers and far more. Newly restored, Ammy defeated Yami by raising the sun and crushing his powers of darkness. Waka reappeared, congratulating Ammy on her well-won victory. Together, the two departed in the ark for the Celestial Plain, where Amaterasu could usher in a new age of peace. It was on her way to the Celestial Plain that she took a quick nap, and then woke up in Traverse Town.
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